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What Time Is It in China

Even though China spans over 5,000 kilometers from the west to the east, there is only time zone in China. Beijing time is used in Beijing, Qingdao, Shanghai, Guangzhou or Lhasa. For a few years China observed daylight-saving time but not any longer.

Following is a reference showing the time difference between China and other parts of the world. (The fact of daylight-saving time observed in other parts of the world is not taken into consideration.)

China: 12 PM noon
Los Angeles/Mexico City/San Francisco -- 20:00 (previous day)
Montreal/New York/Washington D.C.-- 23:00 (previous day)
London -- 4:00
Geneva/Frankfurt/Vienna/Paris/Rome -- 5:00
Moscow -- 7:00
Bombay/Delhi -- 9:30
Bangkok -- 11:00
Hongkong/Manila/Singapore/Taipei -- 12:00
Tokyo/Osaka -- 13:00
Melbourne -- 14:00
Wellington -- 16:00

Of course it is the safest to call someone in China to check the time difference. In the United States, you can call your long distance operator for the current time in China as well as any place in the world, and oh, yes, including your own time!