Teaching English in China

Sharing Experiences

Here we selected a few articles written by people who taught ESL in China.  Gail Westbrook taught English at a local university in Beijing in 1997.  Her husband Robert joined her later.  He is the author of seven books. Both Gail and Robert were column writers and editors for this web site.   McTyre taught English to aspiring high school students in Shanghai.  They all had a memorable experience in China.

Academia and You by Gail Westbrook

Getting Around in China Without Chinese by Robert Westbrook

Teaching English by Robert Westbrook

Woman fulfills dream with stay in Shanghai by Philippe Shepnick, about Kitty McTyre

A Teacher's Life in China by The Elt Two Cents Cafe

Living and Teaching in China by Fred Gale

We highly recommend following book, a must read for ESL teachers wannabe's, available from Amazon.com.

Dear Alice: Letters Home from American Teachers Learning to Live in China, edited by Phyllis L. Thompson

Useful links:

Expats In China - an online resource for living in China.

Education in China - Expats In China's guide to education in China.


You are welcomed to e-mail us your stories or tips about life in China. Thank you!

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