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Li-River Cruise

Guilin scenery is acclaimed as the "Best Under Heaven" and the most beautiful scenes are found along the Li-River. The hills beyond hills with their reflections in the crystal water are like fairy land, the green bamboo greets you all the way along the river in the breeze; the water buffaloes eating grass casually; the ducks swimming along the river; the fisherman fishing or catnapping on the bamboo rafts with his cormorants resting peacefully next to him, it's God dotted landscape. "Serenity" is a word poet tried to describe, "story-book-mountains" is kids say about the hills. Chinese traditional paintings are what Chinese artists have being trying to depict the scenery for thousands of years. But the natural beauty of the Li-River is indeed beyond any descriptions, you have to be there to see with your own eyes and to feel with your own heart.

This magnificent Guilin Tour includes an English speaking guide who will pick you up at your hotel lobby and send you back to the hotel after the tour. This is a 40 minute drive to the pier, and from there, you will get on a luxurous air-conditioned boat. Enjoy the 4 hour cruise with lunch on board.

Upon arriving Yanshuo, the same coach and guide will transfer you back to your hotel in Guilin.

Price per person is only at USD 65.00

Book online or contact : Booking at cbw dot com





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