> The Extend Computer Terminal Project name

The Extend Computer Terminal Project name

The extend computer terminal

Project Unit
Penglai Jinglu Communication Video Equipment Factory

General Survey Of The Project Unit
Set up in 1988, this electron enterprise covers an area of 36000 M2 with a building area 16000 M2. The fixed assets is valued RMB 22 million yuan with more than 300 sets of instruments and meters. There are 386 workers and staff members including 128 technicians. Main Products include "Peong" and "Xingyunda" brands all remote control flat right angle color TV set, Video recorder, automobile tape recorder, audio frequency amplifier, etc. The output value in 1995 was RMB 100 million yuan with profit and tax of RMB 4 million yuan.

Market Forecasting
The extend Computer terminal is the key component part of computer for displaying data, picture, characters and information.

With the establishment of economic information industrialization, Computers are used in various fields. Especially with the development of family computer and multi-medium as well as the implementation of the "Three New Engineering" in our country the demand of the extend computer terminal increases sharply. According to the investigation, the annual required quantity in the world is 25 million sets, but the production capacity is only 21 million sets and the required quantity will increase at the rate of 20% a year. Most of the factories manufacturing this world products are in Taiwan whose production Capacity is 50% of the total output of world in the last few years the production quantity was reduced because of the increased production cost. With the implementation of the "Three New Engineering", the needed quantity becomes even more which the annual needed quantity is more than 1 million sets.

Project Content
(1) Importing advanced technologies.
(2) Rebuilding the production buildings.
(3) Purchasing production and inspecting equipment.
(4) Applying for the international UL attestation.

Supply Of The Raw Materials, Fuel And Power
(1) The display, electric fittings and connections may by supplied well in China.
(2) The outside cases may be supplied by Tianjin Plastic-injection Factory.
(3) The kinescopes integrated circuits may be imported.
(4) Water, power and coal can be supplied well in this factory.

The total investment is RMB 21 million yuan including USD 1.9 million. The Chinese part will invest RMB 10 million yuan with factory buildings, land and part of the equipment, the foreign part may invest with foreign exchange and equipment. The investment proportion will be discussed.

Economic Profit
The estimated annual output value is RMB 113.68 million yuan with annual profit of RMB 10.38 million yuan. The investment recovering period is 2 years.

Cooperation Form
Joint venture or cooperative venture.