> Extending the Line of Meat Chicken Project Name

Extending the Line of Meat Chicken Project Name

Extending the Line of Meat Chicken

Unit of Project
Penglai Improving domestic animals farm.

Survey of the Original Farm
Penglai Improving Domestic Animals Farm was founded in 1980. It covers an area of 167 thousand M2, among which 60 thousand M2 is area of construction. It has nine enterprises: a feed processing plant, a stud stock, a hatchery, a chicken test farm, four meat breeding chicken farms and slaughterhouse. Its assets fixed are 25 million yuan. There are 410 employee among which there are 145 technical personnel. The farm is supplying feed, breeding eggs, young chickens, commodity of meat chickens and products of meat chicken. It has had production capacity of put out 10 thousand tons of feed, raising breeding chickens 100 thousand pairs in generation of father and mother, supplying 13 million pieces of breeding egg and commodity of young chickens 10 million pieces, raising commodity of chicken 4 million, slaughtering and processing 1000 tons of chickens. The farm was chosen as an advanced enterprise in the domestic animals industry of China in 1993. Its technology raising chickens in coop has been fetched advanced international standard.

Substance of the project
After the project goes into operation, the scope of producing meat chicken can be extended, its area will be 433.8 thousand M2 and 140 thousand M2, processing feed is 45 thousand tons. It will raise breeding chicken in 200 thousand pairs and fatten 8 million meat chickens, process 5000 tons of cooked chicken. The products will be exported 50%, and the rest half will be sold home. In order to complete the project, it must construct buildings in 260 thousand M2 and a cold storage with capacity 1000 tons, and purchase equipment for processing feed, reed, raising meat chicken, slaughtering, making use of waste, cooking chickens and equipment in cold storage. It must equip facilities for water and power.

The farm has large capacity both in technology and in economy. It has bought a place in 400 Mu on which 120 thousand M2 building has been finished. It has raised money 40 million yuan. Transportation and communication here are convenient. Raw materials and water, power are supplied sufficiently. The condition is suitable.

Supplies of the Materials and Power
In order to fatten 8 million chickens it is needed 50 thousand tons of grain, that can be gotten in China. Water and power can be supplied in the locality.

Market Forecast of the Products
The cooked products from chicken are welcome for consumers both home and abroad because of their color and smell. They are the commodity in high grade. They has broad latent capacity in the domestic and international markets.

Amount of the Investment and Raising Money
The amount of the investment is 60 million yuan RMB, among which 30 million yuan is used for construction, 28 million yuan is used for purchasing equipment, 2 million yuan is used for buying raw materials. Chinese party has raised 40 million yuan. The rest, that is, 20 million yuan is short. We hope foreign partner can invest in cash. The proportion of investment can be negotiated by both parties face to face.

Economic Benefits
After finishing the project, the farm can process 5000 tons of cooked products of meat chicken. If the price of the products is 15000 yuan per ton, the annual output value will be 75 million yuan. Besides the cost 8000 yuan a ton the annual profit will be 35 million yuan. The recovery period will be three years (including one year of construction time).

Cooperation Form
It is wished that joint venture would be taken.