> Development Of Advanced Washing Machinery Project Name

Development Of Advanced Washing Machinery Project Name

Development of advanced washing machinery

Project Unit
Penglai Arts & Crafts Machinery Factory

General Survey Of The Project Unit
Penglai Arts & Crafts Machinery Factory Located in the center of Penglai city was founded in 1964. The area of the factory is about 40000 M2 with a building area of 20000 M2. Up to date, the factory is producing industrial washing machines. There are 560 workers and staff members including 87 technicians.

Content Of The Project
In order to improve the grade of machines, the factory has new built a factory building of 7000 M2. The communications and transportations are very convenient and power, water and gas are all ready for producing the industrial washing machines.

Supply Of Raw Materials, Fuel And Power
Raw material, fuel and power can be supplied well in this factory, and communication and transportation are very convenient. The cooperative enterprise also can import part of raw materials and all kinds of main parts in the future.

Market Calculations
With the development of tourism, more and more washing machines are needed. The industrial washing machines are welcome for their saving costs, high efficiency and reliability. The market is quite wide for the products, especially in the main land of China. The cost of the machines is low, so they have strong competition capacity in the world.

The total invest of this project is USD 5 million. We wish foreign investors invest 1/3 of the investment and cash. The rest will be invested in from of factory buildings, land and part of the production equipment.

Forecast Of Economical Benefit
After finishing the project the output value will reach USD 8 million, the profit will be USD 700 thousand. The investment return period is 5 years.

Cooperation Form
Some flexible forms of the cooperation can be considered by negotiating of both parties. It can be done through joint venture or cooperating management. Or foreign partner may hire the buildings and land from the Chinese party and keep it run by himself. Also the factory can manufacture and assemble washing machines according to the drawings or samples supplied by the foreign partners.