> Annual Output of 4000 Ton of Silica Gel Project Name

Annual Output of 4000 Ton of Silica Gel Project Name

Annual output of 4000 ton of silica gel

Project Unit
Penglai Phosphate Fertilizer Plant

General Survey of the Project Unit
Set up in 1974, Penglai Phosphate Fertilizer Plant is a state-run enterprise. It is situated in North of Sahe village, Penglai City. It covers an area of 100000 M2 with a building area of 20000 M2. The annual output is 20000 ton of industrial sulfuric acid, 50000 ton of calcium phosphate, 44000 ton of Cement, 3 million PCs of PET bottles and 2000 ton of silica gel Products. There are 450 workers and staff members including 25 technicians.

Project Content
(1) Production Scale
During the end phase of the project we plan to set up another silica gel production with the production line, the annual production capacity may be 4000 ton.

(2) The raw material is sulfuric acid which can be supplied by this factory, the another material Sodium Silicate can also be guaranteed locally.

(3)For this project, we should rebuild 2000 M2 of factory buildings with RMB 2.4 million yuan, purchase 40 sets equipment with RMB 6 million yuan and RMB 1.6 million yuan for land and others.

Reasons For Setting Up This Project
The major raw materials are sulfuric acid and water-glass, among them, sulfuric acid is the main product of our factory. Now we have had a 2000 ton of silica gel production line and the product has passed the inspection of Shandong Commodity Inspection Bureau. So whether technology or equipment are no problem.

Market Forecasting
Silica gel is belong to inorganic chemical product. It has a big usage such as damp proof, dry, constant temperature, catalysis etc. It can also be used for rising quality and production value of family appliance, precise instrument, camera garments and construction. In the international market the price of the silica gel is getting high and high. The product in this factory can be exported by Qingdao Foreign Trade Company.

Supply Of Raw Materials And Power
The annual needed amount of sulfuric acid is 1400 ton which can be provided in this factory. 9000 ton of water-glass, water and power can be supplied well locally.

The total investment of this project is RMB 10 million yuan, among them, RMB million yuan for equipment, RMB 2.4 million yuan for construction, RMB 1.6 million yuan for land and others. The Chinese Party will invest in form of factory building, land and other facilities.

Economic Profit
The annual estimated output value is RMB 14 million yuan with profit of RMB 3.68 million yuan. The investment recovering period is 2.5 years.

Cooperation Form
Joint venture or cooperative venture.