> 1000 Ton Brandy Project Name 1000 ton brandy

1000 Ton Brandy Project Name 1000 ton brandy


Yantai Penglai Winery Company ( or: Shandong Penglai Winery).

Information Of Company
Yantai Penglai Winery Company, established in 1986, a medium-scale enterprise, boasts fixed capital 12 million yuan, working coverage 15000 M2, land coverage 54,794 M2, 350 workers, including 199 experienced workers, store capacity 10,000T, produce scale 7,000-10,000T quality wine. Our products have won 26 prizes both at home land abroad. Riesling semidry wine won gold medal on the No. 27 Brussels quality wine exhibition, and was agreed to have achieved the standard of AOC in France.

Project Detail
Having anticipated the market demand, according to produce scale, we plan to establish brandy making system with produce capacity 1000T. We will provide land, power, public facilities, part of our workshop, technology and cash (RMB), foreign side is hoped to venture with foreign exchange and brand of the potential product, 30 percent of product is planned to sell on domestic market, 70 percent on foreign market.

Raw Material And Energy
All raw material and energy will be provided by our side, including water, power, coal etc. Penglai is one of the best grape growing areas in China with a coverage 133,333 areas. All the famous varieties grow excellently here, such as chardonnay, Chenin blanc and Ruby Cabernet.

Market Foreseeing
People's living level has risen considerably thanks to the rapid economic growth in recent years. Brandy, which was thought to be foreign wine, now is gradually accepted by customers. With a 30 percent growth of demand, product of the main producers in China, which are no more than 5, can hardly meet the demand. And brandy is favorited in Guangdong, Fujian and Southeast Asia area. This is an advantage to our product sale.

Venture Amount
The total joint-venture amount is 1,5000,000 USD, and registered capital 1,5000,000 USD. Our side plans to venture with technology, land, workshop, public facilities and RMB, which cost 600,000 USD. 40 percent of total venture amount. The foreign side must invest with foreign cash 900,000 USD, and brand copyright, 60 percent of the total venture. We hope to have a face to face discuss with you in recent future.

The sale amount is expected to be 40 million yuan and benefit 7,840,000 yuan. All investment can be taken back in 3 years.

Cooperation Plan
Joint Venture.