Diaoyutai State Guesthouse
Accomodations and Facility Usage Application Form

Please complete and fax with a copy of your Passport and Business Card to (010) 8463-4872
*Each applicant must submit an indivdual application form

Personal Information
Mr./Ms./Mrs.:____________ Gender: _____________
Last Name: ____________________________ Date of Birth (MM/DD/YY): ___________________
First Name: ____________________________ Nationality: _____________________________
Street Address: _________________________ Telephone Number: ______________________
______________________________________ Fax Number: ___________________________
City: __________ State/Province:____________ Email Address: __________________________
Country: _________ Postal Code: ___________

Passport/Travel Information *Please include a copy of your passport when faxing your application.
Passport Number : _______________________ Expiration Date (MM/DD/YY): _________________
Issue Date (MM/DD/YY): _____________________ Place of Issue: __________________________
Purpose for Visiting China: _________________ Duration of Stay: ___________ to ___________

Business Information (if applicable) *Please include a copy of your business card when faxing your application.
Company Name: ________________________ Business Type: _________________________
Company Title: _________________________ How often do you visit China: ______________

Requested Diaoyutai Accomodations *If traveling with a conference/your family, please designate a "Group Name."
Group Name (if applicable): _________________ Bldg. No. (if applicable): _______
Arrival Date (MM/DD/YY): ____________________ No. of People: ______ No. of Rooms: _______
Departure Date (MM/DD/YY): _________________ No. of Nights: _______

Requested Diaoyutai Facilities & Services
No. of People: ______   Purpose for Using Facility ___________________________________________________
__ Conference Room; __ Banquet Hall;
__ Swimming Pool; __ Indoor Tennis Courts; __ Bowling Alley; __ Exercise Room;
__ Beauty Parlor; __ Massage Parlor;
Other requests Diaoyutai can arrange for you _______________________________________________________

Car Information *Because Diaoyutai is a garded and gated compound, this information is necessary to issue your vehicle an exit and entry permit. If you do not have a set transporation method, it is suggested that you hire a private chauffeur during your stay.
Make: ___________ Model: ______________ License Plate No: ________________________
Year: ____________ Color: ______________

Please Allow 3 Business day for Diaoyutai to respond to your application via email, fax, or telephone.