> Standing Committee of the 10th National People

Standing Committee of the 10th National People


The NPC is the highest organ of state power in China. The NPC has the power to amend the constitution and enact laws; elects the President, Vice-President and the Chairman of the Central Military Commission; approves the nomination of the Premier by the President; approves all candidates of the State Council upon the nomination of the Premier; and elects the President of the Supreme People's Court and Procurator-General. It is composed of deputies selected from the provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government and from the armed forces. The NPC's terms of service is five years. The current NPC, the Ninth, held its first session between March 5 and 19 1998. The Standing Committee is the permanent working body of the NPC when the NPC is not in session.

Hu Jintao

Zeng Qinghong

Standing Committee of the 10th National People's Congress:
Wu Bangguo

Vice Chairpersons:

Wang Zhaoguo

Li Tieying

Ismail Amat (Uygur)

He Luli

Ding Shisun

Cheng Siwei

Xu Jialu

Jiang Zhenghua

Gu Xiulian (f.)

Raidi (Tibetan)

Sheng Huaren

Lu Yongxiang

Uyunqimg (Mongolian)

Han Qide

Fu Tieshan

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