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As a pioneer in China tourism, Guilin Ronghu International Travel Service (RITS) is located in the downtown of Guilin city with an officedate computer networks, numbers of devoted sales staffs, and experienced foreign languages speaking tour guides.

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Organizing and receiving in-bund foreign tourists organizing Chinese residents to travel abroad; sponsoring meetings; both domestic & Int'l air tickets selling agent; elite tour itineraries both at home and abroad are available. Its two overseas representative offices have been in operation in Japan and U.S.A. Meanwhile, it has expanded business in trading, T.V.advertising and foreign languages training.

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Adhering to the principle of "having tourism business in mind and the globe in view", our capability has strenthened by our years of else working relationships with many domestic & overseas travel agencies, hotels, airlines and auto-boat companies. RITS is willing to be your long-term cooperator in the competitive tourism business, to stride forward to the year of 2000 together.

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Tour Schedule A:

Eight-day tour Shanghai , Beijing , Xian , Guilin
Schedule :
D1: Entry to Shanghai
tour : Bonded Area , Yuyuan park , Yufuo Temple
Accommodation: Yinhe Hotel (4-star)
D2: Shanghai , Beijing ( FM105 1515/1715) Accommodation: International Hotel (4-star)
D3: Beijing
Palace Museum/Great Wall
Accommodation: International Hotel (4-star)
D4: Beijing
Heaven Temple , Ming Tomb
Accommodation: International Hotel (4-star)
D5: Beijing / Xian (CA1215 0735/0915)
Pottery soldier and Horses/HuaQin Pool
Accommodation: Tangwan Hotel (4-star)
D6: Xian
Dayan Pagoda/Xiaoyan Pagoda
Accommodation: Tangwan Hotel (4-star)
D7: Xian / Guilin
Xiangbi Mount , Fubo Mount
Accommodation: Guishan Hotel (4-star)
D8: Guilin
Lijiang River/ Yangshuo
Accommodation: Guishan Hotel (4-star)
D9: Guilin / Hong Kong (KA300 17:00 Leave Guilin)
Diecai Mount/Ludi Rock/Qixing Park
(10 Personal above) 767 USD , (1­9 Persons) 1026 USD

Schedule B:

Eleven-day tour Guangzhou, Guilin, Beijing, Nanjing, Suzhou, Hangzhou
Schedule :
D1: Hong Kong / Guilin (KA300 1940 Arrive at Guilin) Accommodation: Guishan Hotel (4-star)
D2: Guilin
Tour Lijiang River, Xiangbi Mount
Accommodation: Guishan Hotel (4-star)
D3: Guilin / Beijing (CA1312 1915/2140)
Ludi Rock, Fubo Mount
Accommodation: International Hotel (4-star)
D4: Beijing
Great Wall, Ming Tomb, The Summer Palace
Accommodation: International Hotel (4-star)
D5: Beijing / Nanjing (CA1537 1225/1415)
Heaven Temple, Palace Museum
Accommodation: Nanjing Hotel (4-star)
D6: Nanjing / Suzhou (By train)
Sun Yat-shan Tomb, Chang Jiang Bridge
Accommodation: Suzhou Hotel (4-star)
D7: Suzhou / Hangzhou (By train)
Garden, Hanshan Temple, Huqiu Pagoda
Accommodation: Huanglong Hotel (4-star)
D8: Hangzhou
Xihu Lake, Yuewang Temple, Linying Temple
Accommodation: Huanglong Hotel (4-star)
D9: Hangzhou / Guangzhou A(MU5359 0900/1055)
Sun Yat-shan Memorial, Huanghua Hill, Wuyang Sculpture
Accommodation: Wenhua Holiday Hotel (4-star)
D10: Guangzhou / Hong Kong
(10 Personal above) 750 USD/per person ( 1­9 Persons ) 970 USD/per person

Schedule C:

Six-day Tour Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Kunming, Guilin
D1: Hong Kong / Guangzhou (By train) 43USD
Chenjia Memorial, Yuexiu Park, Sun Yat-shan Memoria
Accommodation: Wenhua Holiday Hotel (4-star)
D2: Guangzhou / Kunming A(DZ3409 0730/0940)
Daguanyuan Park, Yitong Temple
Accommodation: Xiang Palace Hotel (4-star)
D3: Kunming
Qiongzhu Temple, National Village
Accommodation: Xiang Palace Hotel (4-star)
D4: Kunming / Guilin A(CZ8948 1710/1840)
Cuihu Park, Xiangbi Mount
Accommodation: Guishan Hill Hotel (4-star)
D5: Guilin
Lijiang River, Ludi Rock
Accommodation: Guishan Hill Hotel (4-star)
D6: Guilin / Hong Kong A(KA701 1700 Leave Guilin)
Fubo Mount, Qixing Park, Camel Mount
(10 Personal above) 425 USD/per person (2­9 Persons) 570 USD/per person

Schedule D:

Three-day tour Guilin

Schedule :
D1: Hong Kong / Guilin (KA700 1900 Arrive Guilin) Accommodation: Guishan Hill Hotel (4-star)
D2: Guilin
Xiangbi Mount, Fubo Mount, Diecai Mount
Accommodation: Guishan Hill Hotel (4-star)
D3: Guilin
Lijiang River, Yangshuo
Accommodation: Paradise Guilin Hotel (4-star)
D4: Guilin / Hong Kong (KA701 1700 Leave Guilin)
Qixing Park, Camel Mount, Zoo, Ludi Rock
(10 Personal above) 145 USD/per person (1­9 Persons) 178 USD/per person


1. The above prices are subject to change without prior notice. Please call 86-773-2800460 or Fax 86-773-2800452, 2800453 for further information.

2. The above charges include room rate, food, transportation, tickets of scenic spots, tour guide fees, domestic air tickets and airport tax.

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