> Hunan Changsha Power Plant A BOT Project

Hunan Changsha Power Plant A BOT Project

1. Hunan Changsha Power Plant A BOT Project ( hereinafter referred to as the "Project"), including 2 x 350 MW coal-fired generating units, is the second pilot BOT (Build-Operate-Transfer) project approved by the State Planning Commission of the People's Republic of China (the PRC). The Project is located at Wangcheng County of Changsha City, Hunan Province, 25 km to the City proper and 1.7 km to Xiangjiang River Dike, with favorable construction conditions.

2. By way of open, International Competitive Bidding, the People's Government of the Hunan Province (hereinafter referred to as the "Government") will select an overseas sponsor (hereinafter referred to as the "Project Company"), to whom the Government will grant a concession to design, finance, construct, operate and maintain the Project. At the end of the Concession Period, the Project Company shall transfer the Project to the Government without compensation.

3. The tendering proceedings include:

  • a) Applicants shall individually or jointly as a consortium prequalify according to Instructions for Prequalification. Prequalified applicants shall be invited to bid pursuant to the requirements of Bid Documents.
  • b) To be considered for award, a bidder shall submit a firm bid conforming to the requirements of the bid documentation.
  • c) The Project shall be awarded to the bidder who is fully capable of undertaking the concession and whose bid in terms of electrical price, commercial conditions, technical terms and other specified criteria is determined to be the most advantageous.
  • d) Upon approval of the initialed concession agreement by the State Planning Commission of the PRC, the successful bidder shall establish a project company under the law of PRC and then formally sign the concession agreement with the Government.

4. BOT International Engineering Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "BOT International"), duly and fully authorized by the Government, now invites individual or joint applications for prequalification of the Project.

Prequalification is open to those applicants who are experienced in financing, design, construction, manufacture, operation and maintenance, or any one of the above, of major power plants.

5. Interested applicants may obtain further information and buy prequalification documents at the address below:
BOT Project International Bidding Office
BOT International Engineering Development Co.,Ltd

6. The prequalification documents are available at the foregoing address from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm (Beijing Time), Monday to Friday, from November 15 to December 5, upon non-refundable payment of US$ 300 or RMB 2,500 yuan for one set. For mail order, please add US$ 30 (abroad) or RMB 100 yuan (domestic) for express airmail service.

Application Forms and additional information relevant for the prequalification shall be submitted both in Chinese and English. The completed applications for prequalification (English and Chinese versions each in six copies, one original and five duplicate copies)shall be delivered to the address above not later than four o'clock p.m. on January 30,1997(Beijing Time)