Director: Peng Zhuiyuan
Gulin Lang Liquor Distillery ( GLLD), located on the bank of Chishui River between Sichuan and Guise Province and covering more than 40 thousands square meters, is very famous and large state-owned distillery in China. It is now the largest Jiangxiang flavor liquor production enterprise in China with the annual liquor production capacity of 10,000 tons.

Lang Liquor, a Jiangxiang type liquor and GLLD's main product, is one of the Famous China Liquor and gets China Famous Trademark. Its quality is in conformity with China National Quality. It is ratified to use "the Green Food Mark" and awarded the top prizes in home and abroad many time. Lang Liquor is very popular for its particular favor and top quality.

In addition to Lang Liquor, GLLD produces Nongxiang type Gulin Tequ, Gulin Touqu, Gulin Daqu and Renhe Liquor as well as cocktail type Langquan Liquor. GLLD's series products have the good fame of "one enterprise, three flavor spirits, all top quality".

GLLD inherits traditional technology, injects modern science and technology, pays more attention to developing new products and rigorously enforces quality control. Since many years, " excellent quality ĘC satisfying customers is our long-term pursuing" has been taken as GLLD's quality policy. It actively pursues TQC and ISO9000 standard, takes quality control as the core of the management, establishes and improves quality control system to assure stable product quality. factory gate

GLLD passed the China Fangyuan Quality Mark testing certifying in 1989, passed the China Fangyuan Quality Mark formal certifying, as one of the first enterprises in this field in 1993, and passed French BVQI International Quality certifying in 1994.

100% GLLD's products are up to standard is the result of inspection made by the Provincial and Municipal Bureaus of Technical Supervision and the Public Healthy and Epidemic Prevention Stations. This outcome is that GLLD was awarded by Sichuan Province Authority as the fame of "keep good quality for 6 years" as well as the "Sichuan Province's None-need Inspecting Product".

GLLD take serious about its products quality and post-selling service. Long-term good quality and good post-selling service lead that its products become very popular and have good reputation in consumers. Now, GLLD is keeping doing its best to retain one of the famous trademark in the mind of consumers.

GLLD is serving the consumers by means of excellent quality, service and management and hope to do more with the whole society for the country construction and make a new starting for its development.

Lang Liquor Lang Liquor, a Jiangxiang type spirits of Sichuan Gulin Lang Liquor Distillery ( GLLD), is brewed of the mountain springs and preserved in natural covers. Unique natural condition and the tradition process of 8-time brewing, 7-time unloading and 3-year storing make Lang Liquor with the special favor and excellent quality. You will feel comfortable after drinking. To satisfied the different needs of different consumers, its series products including 53% (alcohol volume) , 43%, 39%, 28%, and 25% have been developed.
Lang liquor

Lang Liquor trademark, registered in 1907, has high reputation and is very popular. It is won the title of Sichuan Province's Famous Trademark in 1980 and 1992 respectively. In April 1997, it get the title of "Chinese Famous Trademark".

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