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Inviting Outside Investment

China Keda Medical Technology Center

I. Supplying the Inexpensive Ultrasonic Diagnostic Instruments of High Quality.

To the international markets we will promote the sale of several characteristic cheaper (less than 20,000 U.S. dollars) multi-functional ultrasonic medical instruments with B-colour, And we would like to send Chinese famous experts of ultrasonic application to provide the buyers with the training of technology of ultrasonic diagnosis ( including the basic techniques of ultrasonic diagnosis, the new application technology of color Doppler and the technology of involved ultrasonic treatment ). Now we are looking for the overseas representatives.

II. Seeking the Supplies of Medical Image Instruments.

We seek in the international market the following equipments:
A. All sorts of ultrasonic diagnostic instruments that have not ever been sold in the P.R. China.
B. The brand-new and secondhand CT and X-rays machines.
C. The series of medical monitors.
D. The newly-invented practical medical diagnostic instruments.
We aimed at the general representatives of the above products in Chinese markets.

III. Looking for the Investors of High-Tech Medical Instruments.

We are looking forward to the investors who would like to develop and produce advanced medical instruments in China or to introduce the advanced medical instruments to the Chinese hospitals.

Notes: The feasibility reports of the above 3 cooperations will be provided in later contact.

China's Luoyang Keda Medical Technology Center is an institution dealing with the clinical studies of medical images, organizing National academic research activities, the development of advanced medical technology and managing the imported medical instruments. It owns many Chinese famous experts. With the two-year development, the Keda Center has formed an excellent experts group, established the wide-spread sales net and accumulated rich experiences. The annual volume of business has reached 20 million RMB yuan. In order to adapt to the changes of Chinese market economy after participating WTO, meet the demands of domestic medical institutions and promote the international business , we sincerely seek the international commercial cooperations so as to grasp the opportunities of development in Chinese vast market.