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Jinzhou Heavy Machinery Works

Jinzhou Heavy Machinery Works is a large scale state-owned factory specialized in design and fabricating the equipment for oil refinery, urea and petrochemical plant. JHMW lies in Dalian City in China, next to Econo-tech Developing Zone of Dalian. The Works has 430,000 m2 for production with 120,000 m2 for building area. 120,000 m2 spare land ready for use. Perfect basic facilities of water, heat, electricity, compressed air supplement and telecommunication, convenient transportation with Special railway, highway, about 10 kilometer far from Sea port.

JHMW has advanced facilities for fabricating and testing all kinds of pressure vessels; technical soft ware and secret of success for design and fabricating pressure vessels; skilled staff; outstanding achievements for design and fabricating the equipment for huge Ammonia, Uren. Ethylene plant. The Works has license for design and fabricating the 1, 2, 3 Class pressure vessel from Chinese Government and ASME U and U2 Authorized Certificate and its symbol stamp. The annual output 25,000 ton.

JHMW possesses assets of 60 million USD. The Works likes to co-operate and co-invest in most kinds of forms with foreign enterprises and financial circles according to International Practice so as to intrduce funds and strength cooperation with other countries, such as total and partial joint venture, cooperation, by supplying material, drawing, technique and compensation trade, rent, and property right transfer in order to joint develop the market inside and outside the country.

The Works prefers to take total assets (including right of use for land and invesible assets) as investment, foreign partner may invest with funds, equipment and technology (permission for stock controlled by foreigner) to establish comprehensive joint venture featured in sale, engineering design, fabrication and service post sale. Meanwhile, adjusting product structure, reforming existing factory, producing high tech and high extra value product, raising product completeness, to form larger production capacity to extend international market furtherly. Benefiting and developing jointly.

Developing other fields according to foreigners' desire is also welcome. Warmly welcome foreign friends who intend to invest in China contact with JHMW.