General Manager: Sun Jianyou

Brief introduction:

Approved by the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Co-operation (Moftec) in March of 1982, Jilin Province International Economy and Trade Development Corporation (JIETDC) is a legal person to engage in foreign trade.

Since its establishment, the corporation has set up 15 subsidiary companies in the special ecomomic zones and costal development areas and 16 representative offices and enterprises abroad. It has become a comprehensive entity of foreign economic trade. The business scope include commodity transaction, techonlogy import and export, joint venture and cooperation, bonded storage, duty-free goods service, foreign investment service, real estate development, and processing of wooden, cereal, plastic, micro-electronic products, etc. Its subsidiary company, Changchun International Airline Service Company, has opened several international routes such as Changchun-Hongkong, Changchun-Seoul, Changchun-Vladivostok and so on.

The corporaton has built economic and technological cooperative relations with more than 50 countries and regions in the world. The total import and export value add up to USD 445 million, among which 153 million is of export, 292 million is of import. And the profit and tax added up to RMB 225 million yuan.

The corporation has always been working on the principle of "Reputation First, Service First, Customer First". It is honored with high the Golden Cup of the 20th International Trophy for Quality. The corporation went in ranking in China in the first 500 largest foreign trade companies in 1993, 1994 and 1995. It was honored with "Excellent Agent in Compensation Trade" by the People's Government of Jilin Province. And it was also elected as the "Star Enterprise for Foreign Exchange Earning" in Jilin Province.

JIETDC won the 17th International Trophy for
Quality and the Golden Cup of the 20th International Trophy for Quality
In 1994, the corporation was elected as "the Biggest Service Trade Enterprise of the People's Republic of China" by eleven ministries and commissions of the State, including Development Research Center of the State Council and so on.

Scope of business:

Commodity import & export; Technology import & export; Agent for commodity and technology import & export; Equity and contractual joint venture; Processing and assembling with supplied samples, parts and materials; Compensation trade; Transit trade; Barter trade; Business with Taiwan.

Provision of service of bonded storage for international trade; Provision of service of application and business activities for foreign enterprises and the China-based foreign representative offices; Service of duty-free goods for Chinese personnel working abroad.

Commodities for import and export:

Cereals and oils; Foodstuffs; Spices and spicy oils; Native produce for industrial purpose; Mountain products; Animal husbandry products and woods; Chinese medical herbs; Textiles and garments; Light industrial products; Arts and crafts; Ferrous and nonferrous metals; Non-metal mineral products; Chemicals; Rubber and rubber products; Medicines, Transport vehicles; Machinery and equipment, Industrial and agricultural implements; Meters and instruments.

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