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Yaxing Forestry Product Plant


Yaxing Forestry Product Plant of the Huichun Forestry Bureau of Heilongjiang Province, is conveniently and centrally situated in Huichun City , Jilin Province , which is the center of the East Asian Economy Circle - one of the world’s three major economical circles.

workshopIt covers a total area of 170,000 square meters , occupies a 40,000 square metre’s producing workshop , a 30,000 square meters’ drainage workshop and a 32,000 square metre’s board workshop. The second stage of the plant is to build up a new compound board workshop , and it's expected to begin running in July. The 3rd stage is to set up a 12,000 square meters’ forestry logging workshop , the 4th stage is to establish a 50,000 square metre’s delicate board workshop , the fifth stage is to set up a furniture workshop with an approximately annual- output 300,000 sets , the total investment is estimated around RMB 210 million Yuan , and the whole steps are to be finished before 2000 . At that time the plant will expected to be the biggest multiple timber processing enterprise in China .

wooden floorThe plant has introduced advanced German timber desiccate , board processing and painting equipment , it's specialized in processing real board according to the needs of the respected clients . The products have natural and elegant veins , absorbing function, good elasticity and durability as well, and is the ideal decoration material for hotels , families .The plant adopted the latest international processing standard, which ensures high qualification. and it possesses strong technological , sales and talented management team as well .

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