> An Introduction to the New Products of Heilongjiang Zhongcheng Ginseng Co. Ltd.~

An Introduction to the New Products of Heilongjiang Zhongcheng Ginseng Co. Ltd.~

American Ginseng is also called Panax quinquefolius. Just like Chinese Ginseng ( Panax schinseng), it is a kind of tonic. But American Ginseng is unique in its cold nature and mild property. It can be widely used by the people who have symptoms as constipation, pulmonary disease, senility, coronary heart disease, hypertension, arteriosclerosis, myocardium malnutrition, etc.

We set up the joint-venture with Canada in 1986 and introduced the Canadian ginseng seeds to plant in Heilongjiang Forestry Zones. We not only produced the dry and fresh ginseng, but also began to process the ginseng into many varieties of products in recent years. The "Canadian Ginseng Tea" is made from the ginseng and its roots and the "Canadian Ginseng Bag Tea" is made from the stems and leaves of ginseng by the modern scientific process. It has been verified that the stems and leaves contain more saponin than the bodies of ginsengs. The stems and leaves also contain 17 kinds of amino acids, trace elements, vitamins, organic acids, polysaccharide , etc.

The ginseng tea benefits the nourishes, strengthens the pulmonary system, relieves internal heat and thirstiness, neurasthenia , fatigue, insomnia, bad breath, residual effects of heavy drinking and smoking, gets rid of weariness, improve the functions of human body, and prolong human life. It belongs to the natural plant and has no poison and side effect. It is indeed an ideal healthy drink to prevent disease. And so it won the High-Quality Award at the Famous and New Products Fair in China. All the customers and friends are warmly welcomed to visit our corporation and choose to purchase our products.

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