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Guangdong Native Produce Import & Export Corporation (Group)


GDNP BuildingIt has been 44 years since the founding of Guangdong Native Produce Import & Export Corporation (Group) in 1953. During that time the total annual import and export volume of the Corporation has increased from an initial several hundred thousand US dollars to the present value of more than five hundred million US dollars. The corporation ranks 29th among the country's 500 largest enterprises and has and 40 city-run or county-run import & export firms. It also has a number of goods-supplying companies, overseas enterprises and home product processing ventures. It is a powerful foreign trade group, cohesively managed and with extensive foreign, as well as domestic, cooperation. It offers a wide range of business services. In addition to importing, exporting, processing customer-supplied raw materials and providing a vehicle for joint investment, it also engages in: home trading, storage, transportation, advertising, consulting and tertiary industries. It provides large areas for processing, storage and commercial residence. Its pleasant environment, together with its advanced communication equipment, information network and internal administration system, make it well suited for investment. Through years of continuous effort many of the group's products have attained the Famous Brands appellation, such as "Sailing Boat Brands Rosin" "Horse Brand Fireworks", "White Peony Brand Cashew Nut" to name just a few. The company's products have been marketed in more than 100 countries and have always been very well received.

Main Companies and their Products

  1. Essential Oils & Spices Company
  2. Forest And Chemical Products Company
  3. Fireworks & Firecracker Company
  4. Bamboo & Bamboo Products Company
  5. Feedstuff Company
  6. Sundry Foodstuffs Company
  7. Timber & Wood Products Company
  8. Jute & Jute Products Company
  9. Household Utensil Company
  10. Flower Company
  11. Kaida Import & Export Trading Company
  12. Kaida Industrial Development Company

product samplesEssential Oils & Spices Company:
Perfume Compounds, Essential Oil, Cassia Lignea, Cassia Oil, Pepper Citric Acid, Lacquer, Citronella Oil, Dry Ginger, Turmeric Finger, Zedoary, Galangal.

Forest and Chemical Products Company:
Gum Rosin, Gum Turpentine, Natural Camphor Powder, Synthetic Camphor Powder, Series of Resins, Gall nuts, Alpha Pinene, Beta Pinene Polymerized Rosin, Disproportionated Rosin, Bone Glue, Hide Glue, Technical Gelatine.

product samplesFireworks & Firecrackers Company:
Products include Firecrackers, Fireworks: Helicopter & Ground Revolving, Mines & Shells, Assorted Parachutes, Hanging Displays, Rockets, Fountains.

product samplesBamboo & Bamboo Products Company:
Products include Bamboo, Fern, Rattan, Straw, Willow, Palm and Local Rattan Woven Wares and Other Fabric Woven Wares, Bamboo Decorative Fans and Xmas Decorations, Tsinglee Canes, Bamboo Flower Sticks, Brooms, Bamboo Rakes and Trellises.

product samplesFeedstuff Company:
Products include Manioc Slices, Soybean Extract, Rapeseed Extract, Cottonseed Extract, many kinds of Peas and Beans.

Sundry Foodstuffs Company:
Cashew Kernels, Pine Nut Kernels, Walnut Meats, Blanched & Roasted Peanuts, Pitted Dates, Dried Mushrooms (Hua Cu, Tung Gu), Boletus Edulis, Black Fungus, Bamboo Fungus, Black Moss, Lotus Nuts, Black Melon Seeds, Pumpkin Seeds, Red Dates, Black Dates, Agar Agar, Carrageenan, Bee Honey, Dehydrated Vegetables, Soup Stuffs, Preserved Vegetables, Dried Chilies, Sweet Potato Starch, Cassava Starch, Corn Starch.

product samplesTimber & Wood Products Company:
Logs, Sawn Timber for Moulding, Furniture, Various Veneer Decoration Panels, Planking, Flooring, Wooden Doors and Other Wood Products.

Jute & Jute Products Company:
Chinese Jute, Chinese Kenaf, Jute Bags, Jute Yarn, Jute Twine, Jute Rope, Jute Cloth, Jute Strings, Jute Carpet Backing Cloth, Jute Felt and various kinds of Christmas Presents; Jute Wall Hangings, Jute Handbags and other Jute Products; Green Ramie, Degummed Ramie, Ramie Top, Ramie Noil, Ramie Yarn; Sisal Fibre, Sisal Yarn, Sisal Rope, Sisal Fabric and other Sisal Products, Woven Bags(Cloth), PE Film , Paper-Plastic Laminated Bags, PVC Tubing, Vinyl Coated Steel Constructed Products, Plastic and Metal Beach Chairs, other Plastic Products, such as: Raincoats, Fishnet, Brooms, Safety Nets, PP or PE Ropes and Fibers.

product samplesHousehold Utensil Company:
Candles, Joss Candles, Mosquito Coils, Electronic Mosquito Killers, Mosquito Mats, Incense Sticks, Joss-burning Wares, Hardware, Kitchenware, Tableware, Clean Water Pumps, Platform Scales, Illuminations, Toys, Interior Decoration Products, and other household utensils.

product samplesFlower Company:
Goldfish, Fresh Flowers, Artificial Flowers, Bonsai, Root Carvings, Cloud & Mist Potted Miniature Landscapes, Trees, Shrubs and their seeds, Saplings, Bird Cages, Garden Tools and Equipment, Artificial Animals, Pet Food, Grass Prawn Feed.

product samplesKaida Import & Export Trading Company:
Handles Bonsai native produce, plastic products, textiles and garments, cans and candies, Christmas decorations, hardware products, electrical housewares, various machinery and electronics products, articles of everyday use, stationery, sporting goods, watches, clocks and various timers, chemicals, arts and crafts, ceramic garden products.

Kaida Industrial Development Company:
The Company undertakes export commodity enterprises of the joint venture, cooperation and Sino-foreign joint venture types. It invests in the construction and operation of tertiary industries, providing the services of warehousing, transportation, consultation, leasing of factory buildings and living facilities.

The Company handles the import and export of all kinds of beans & kernels, foodstuffs, furniture, garments, ceramic & porcelain products, arts & crafts, building materials and related products.

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