Our Company--Qingdao Everbright Machinery Co., Ltd. specializes in the handling of exports for cas13-2.jpg (2283 bytes)tings, forgings and a wide variety of machine components. Our Company's main strength lies in the team of dedicated and experienced technical personnel who have about 20 years of experience in exports.

Our Purpose--We represent a number of manufacturers from Shandong province and the neighbouring area, who produce ductile iron, gray iron, malleable iron and steel castings, non-ferrous metal castings and forgings. These factories are well equipped and efficient. We can supply blanks, rough machining and finished workpieces' from our customer's drawings or samples.

Our Quality--The Company has established an unrivalled reputation for service, reliability and quality. We are acknowledged as an 'expert in exports'. Many of our products have gained approvals from Gov14-3.jpg (2570 bytes)ernment bodies and Authorities both at home and overseas. We are listed as one of the approved suppliers under our Customer's Quality Management Systems, according to ISO 9000 International Standards. Other products have also been certified to A.S.M.E standard.

Our Market--Our market includes Western Europe, North America, Japan, Australia and South East Asia. With our facilities close to Qingdao Port, we are able to make direct shipments to major world ports.

Our Committment--The Company is committed to supplying it's customers with reliab8-4.jpg (2669 bytes)le, high quality products at competitive prices. We and our partners will always strive to provide quality service.

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