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Senior Engineer
Zhu Yanfeng
The CFAGIEC-China First Automotive Group Import & Export Corporation, founded in 1984, is a subsidiary under the direct jurisdiction of the China First Automotive Group Corporation (CFAGC), and is one of the greatest automotive industry import and export corporation in China at the present. It has powerful technical forces and abundant funds. The Corporation mainly manages exportation of FAW series of automobile and its spare parts in the sphere of the CFAGC, complete sets of equipment and technology; importation of mechanical and electric equipment, instruments and apparatus, KD kits of vehicles and automotive parts, sample vehicles, sample engines, some raw and processed materials and auxiliary materials used for automobile manufacturing as well as import of technology; and it can also handle technology import projects and various cooperation projects using foreign funds approved by the government, including government loan, international financial institution loan, bank credit, export credit. It also handles the affairs of joint venture, cooperative production, compensation trade, leasing etc.

Since the Corporation was founded eleven years ago, we have established the business relationship with more than one thousand of enterprises trading companies, foreign trade corporations, which has laid a solid foundation for our cooperation in the future. In the period of the "Sixth Five-Year Plan" and "Seventh Five-Year Plan", we have successfully completed the import of equipment, machine tools, and process lines with international advanced level from many developed countries, and at the same time we also imported international advanced science and technology and management methods for the large scale technological renovation of plants and modal change of products to manufacture a series of new JieFang model CA1091 trucks and spare parts. The new products with international advanced level are competitively sold well in the international market, and will make it possible for CFAGC to march into the world stage.

With the great development of CFAGC. the turn - over amount of our corporation has already increased to USD 300 million in 1995 from USD 30 million in 1985. JieFang CA1091 series trucks, CA1040 series light duty trucks and cars have been exported to over 20 countries and regions such as Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Thailand, Myanmar, Indonesia, Korea, Tanzania, South Africa, Uganda, Bolivia etc., Meantime, CFAGC established assembling plant in Tanzania, South Africa etc.. Many kinds of the spare parts products for automobile and components such as radiators, wheels, gears, wiring harnesses, castings and forging etc. have been exported to many developed countries and regions such as USA, France and Japan etc.