> Laizhou Bench Vice Factory

Laizhou Bench Vice Factory

I. Project: The production of a color packing box using imported advanced technology and equipment.

II. Name of the cooperative Chinese factory:
Laizhou Bench Vice Factory, Shandong Province.

III. A brief introduction to the Chinese partner:
Built in 1952, Laizhou Bench Vice Factory is a state-run class-2 enterprise which has been authorized to import (61,000 sq. meters of building area).

IV. Market prospects:
The factory itself uses 600,000 packing boxes every year. And there is growth potential in the domestic market.

V. Supply of raw materials and energy:
There is a guaranteed supply of the raw materials, water, electricity and coal on site.

VI. Investment required:
The total investment in this project will be 2.6 million yuan. The Chinese party will invest in the form of its fixed assets. The foreign party is expected to invest in the form of cash and equipment and the proportion should be no less than 60%.

VII. Cooperation form: Joint-venture

VIII. Estimated of the economic result :
The annual output of the color packing box is expected to be 2.6 million square meters, valued at 12 million yuan. The tax due will be 1.1 million yuan and the profit is projected at 1.12 million yuan. The investment recovery period will be 2.5 years.