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factoryEstablished in 1987, ANTE GROUP is a key enterprise of light industry in Anhui province. With the complete set of equipment and technology from Speichim Corporation France, it is a modern enterprise of advanced international standards.

ANTE GROUP is located on the northern bank of the New Bian River, Suzhou , Anhui province, China. It has convenient transport facilities, close to the railway from Beijing to Shanghai and the highway 206.

ANTE GROUP has a staff of over 1500 people, among which more than 300 are technical personnel.
The ANTE GROUP has set up 10 productive factories, 6 sections and two companies. At present, the ANTE GROUP has an area of over 200 mu and fixed assets of RMBŁ¤ 300,000,000.

With modern and advanced equipment and technology, ANTE GROUP produces superfine alcohol, high purity absolute alcohol, DDGS, Ante vodka, a series of Ante wines and reagents, pure corn oil, starch, liquid sugar and other kinds of food from corn.


By developing famous brand and export products, ANTE GROUP bases itself upon China and reaches all over the world. The series of Ante products have won favorable comments from both Chinese and foreign customers. The main product vodka of Ante brand has been praised as " The first Chinese foreign vodka" due to its high quality and good taste, it has taken first place in the frontier liquor export and its sales volume has doubled and redoubled year by year. Owing to its top quality, Ante superfine alcohol has been honored many times and also won the gold medals at the First and Second Beijing International Fair. It has been chosen as the top product by China foreign trade corporation and foreign capital utilization enterprise and cosmetics. The purity absolute alcohol enjoys a high reputation in the domestic chemical, medicine and electronic industry. The series of Ante bottled reagent, sold by Chinese general medicine company, has constituted the 75% of the domestic reagent market. The high protein feed additive DDGS sells well both on domestic and foreign markets. A complete set of Ante wine, containing non-harmful materials, is of top quality and good taste. It has been praised as one of the best wines by authorities. The Ante pure corn oil is transparent, yellowish, delicious and tasty, it contains linoleic acid, a high degree polybasic fat that is not saturated, no cholesterol and no aflatoxin. This product is also profitable for heart blood circulation system and helpful to health for the old and the middle age.

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Close to land and water communication lines, ANTE GROUP has good transport facilities. We will abide by contracts and honor promises. We also uphold the principle of the highest quality and the lowest price. We are ready to do business with all friends on a basis of equality and mutual benefit. We warmly welcome all friends to ANTE GROUP!

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