> Favorable Environment for Investment in Xuanhua Prefecture

Favorable Environment for Investment in Xuanhua Prefecture

The Xuanhua Prefecture of Zhangjiakou, 180 kilometers from Beijing, has a total area of 264 square kilometers and a population of 274 thousand. The Beijing-Baotou Railway and National Highways 110, 207 and 112 cross the district. A computerized telephone network has been completed, with digital computer-controlled and cable transmission providing service world-wide. The system can handle up to 81,000 calls simultaneously.

The Xuanhua Prefecture contains significant deposits of underground coal, iron, gold, amargosite, rich shale, dolomite, and other mineral resources. Its key industries are metallurgy, machinery manufacturing, chemical production, electrical power generation, paper-making and brewing. The suburbs, with their advanced agricultural techniques, are an important source of vegetables for the Beijing market. The White Milk Grape is well-known and has been cultivated in the area for over 800 years.

The Xuanhua Prefecture boasts 11 shopping centers, each totaling 3000 square meters in area. The total value of retail consumer goods topped RMB 300 million yuan (last year). The tax revenue for the most recent fiscal year was RMB 40 million yuan, yielding a financial profit to the prefecture of RMB 17 million yuan, ranking it first in Hebei Province.

Major Projects seeking foreign investments

  • Joint Production of Building Material from Powdered Coal Ash
    A total investment of 10 million US$ is expected, with the foreign capital portion expected to be 7 million US$. A new wall building material is made from the ample supplies of powdered coal ash generated by the electric power plant.
  • Platform Water Supply Project
    A total investment of 10.9 million US$ is projected, with the expected foreign portion being 50 million US$. The water engineering project is designed to increase the supply of water by 86.4 thousand cubic meters per day. This project has been approved by the Hebei Provincial Planning Commission.
  • Joint Production of Corn Starch
    The total investment in this project will be 1.5 million US$, with the introduction of 750 thousand US$ of foreign capital. The projected annual output is 10 thousand tons, with an output value estimated at 4 million US$ per year.
  • Joint Production of Magnesium Powder
    A total investment of 4 million US$ is planned. Annual output of powder is projected at 20 thousand tons, with an output value of 8 million US$ per year.
  • Jointly Run Beef Cattle Base
    A total investment of 4 million US$ is projected, with half the investment in foreign capital. Each year 13 thousand cattle are raised and 10 thousand are removed for slaughter. A new cattle pen has been completed and top grade cattle have been added to the herd
  • Joint Manufacture of Multifunctional Gas and Cooking Utensils
    Total investment in the project is 4 million US$, with an expected introduction of 1.3 million US$ in foreign funds. Annual production is expected to be 40 thousand units with a value of up to 390 thousand US$. Sample equipment has been patented, patent number 95212058.5.
  • The Corn Bioengineering Project
    The total investment is 35 million US$ and foreign capital is expected to be 17 millions US$. The main products are alcohol, DDGS feed and furfural. The annual output value is RMB 120 million yuan. The operation form can be jointly invested, jointly managed or independently invested.
  • The Development Zone
    Approved by the People's Government of Hebei Province, the Xuanhua High-tech Development Zone is a provincial-level development zone with an area of 40 thousand square kilometers. We focus on developing electronics, electronic information technology, computer application, mechanical and electrical integration, new material, fine chemical products, effective and energy-saving products, environment-protection equipment and the new technology and new bioengineering technology used in traditional industries. We are seeking developing stretches of lands within 0.5-1 square kilometers at a price of 10-15 thousand US$ per mu. With smooth terrain and transport facilities, the conditions in the zone is excellent.