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Wei County Transistor Plant

The Wei County Transistor Plant is located 200 kilometers west of Beijing and 100 kilometers south of Zhangjiakou. Its main products are semiconductors, cooling modules and microwave power amplifiers.

Based on the Peltier Effect, the temperature-difference electrical cooling module, also known as a cooling mound, is a new kind of power exchange device that converts electrical power into heat energy. It is small in size and has a long life. It needs no special maintenance and is easy to control precisely. The power can be easily enlarged and can be reversed. This electrical cooling module has wide applications in the fields of space, military modules. It offers a full range of designs and specialized products can be made on request. The total output of the plant is 450 thousand.

The microwave power amplifier manufactured at the Wei County Plant is a high-tech product used in a variety of micro sending and receiving equipment. It is most widely used in cellular phones, for which the market is growing very rapidly.

We are seeking cooperative partners to jointly develop application products for the semiconductor and cooling module and to enlarge the production scale of the microwave power amplifiers.

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