> The Fast Developing Zhangjiakou Post and Telecommunications

The Fast Developing Zhangjiakou Post and Telecommunications

The Zhangjiakou Post and Telecommunications Office, an important communication hub leading to north-west China, is a middle-size communication enterprise with a total staff of 4453. It administers 13 county-level post and telecommunications offices and 4 post and communications centers, providing service for 4.3 million urban and suburban Zhangjiakou residents.

Since the introduction of reform and opening policies, and particularly during the nation's Eighth Five-Year Plan, the post and telecommunications office has been developing rapidly in Zhangjiakou. A modern post and telecommunications network has come into being, which includes a variety of communication methods. Program-control telephones and digital transmission are leading the way, with wireless and wired, radio and cable communication spreading throughout the city proper and into the countryside.

Today we provide direct dial phone communication to 1600 cities and towns nationwide and 80 countries and regions. Some of the new businesses that have been developed in recent years include standard telegram service, courtesy telegram service,. fax service, program-controlled telephones, tele-conferencing phone systems, movable communications, wireless paging service (phone number 126), automatic paging system (127), group exchanges in digital communication, magnetic card phones, long distance telephone card (200), information radio band (160), automatic information radio band (168), EMS, postal deposit services and a business letter special delivery service."

In 1995, we made great strides in communication construction. The number of program-control telephones has risen to 200 thousand from a base of 21 thousand. Analog digital cellular phones and digital and Chinese compatible wireless paging link the entire country. Our EMS service reaches world-wide.

The advanced communication methods and multi-functional mail service provided by the Zhangjiakou Post and Telecommunications System have created an economic and social environment conducive to rapid growth and development. Our service ranks number one as we prepare to greet the world.

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