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Zhangjiakou Gold Mine

The Zhangjiakou Gold Mine was set up in 1970 under the administration of the People's Government of Zhangjiakou. Completed gold products are our key products. For twenty years we have been upgrading technology, improving management and enhancing efficiency, making great strides each year.

By 1995 our accumulated profit was RMB127.7 million yuan with a total tax of RMB 53.34 million yuan. We have fixed assets of RMB 43 million yuan with a total staff of 1463, a capacity of 35 tons of processed minerals per year and an annual profit of nearly RMB 20 million yuan.

The Zhangjiakou Gold Mine, a second-level large enterprise, is recognized as provincial-level advanced organization. In 1991 it was awarded as an advanced body markedly contributing to the Chinese gold industry in the seventh 5-year plan by the Gold Production Leading Team of the State Council. For three continuous years it was appraised as one of the top 250 enterprises in terms of material consuming rates and output, profit and tax rates. It is also called a provincial level advanced environmental protection enterprise by the People's Government of Hebei Province.

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