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Brief Introduction

Approved by the State Council in November of 1992, the China Yixing Industrial Park For Environmental Science & Technology is a state-level new and high environmental protection technology industry development zone in China, compromising scientific research, industry, trade, executive management, culture, education and entertainment. It is directly managed by the State Commission of Science and Technology and the State Environmental Protection Bureau. The goal of the zone is to build a base of environmental protection products, a base of industrialization of the environmental protection scientific & technological achievements in China, and a window on domestic and international exchange. The Park will take the lead in Chinese environmental protection industry functioning environmental protection information, technical development, industrial training, product quality control and industrial management.

The Park is located at southwest of Yixing City of Jiangsu Province. It is conveniently situated in the Changjiang (Yangtze) River Delta which is called China's most active golden area in the economic development. The Park is less than 200 kilometers away from Nanjing, Shanghai and Hangzhou. Yixing is the world famous city of pottery in China and also a tourist city along the Tai Lake Scenic Resort. The planned area of the Park is 11 square kilometers and will be divided into a 5-sq. km area for the first construction stage and a 6-sq. km area for the second construction stage. For the 5-sq. km area, the roads has been open to traffic, and the power, water, telecommunication, underground pipelines were all available. For the 6-sq. km area, the customers from Indonesia and Singapore has started their developments. The commodity inspection bureau, the customs, the banks and the foreign import & export companies have been put into operation. The bonded warehouses are under construction. In 1995, the building and management of the Park was listed in the "China 21st Century Agenda", speeding up the construction and international cooperation. By the end of 1996, about 100 projects have been established in the Park among which 30 projects were joint ventures and 64 projects have been put into operation.

Mr. Tang Ningbiao, General Manager ( Legal Person) of the Development Company and the Deputy Director of the Administrative Committee of Yixing Environmental Protection Technology Industry Zone.

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