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Investment Guide & Forms

Investment Guide
The fields of economic and technical cooperation in Siping are open to foreign participation. We plan to introduce projects to advance technology, encourage exports and foreign exchange, develop resources, and encourage investment. Moreover, we encourage businessmen to recommend projects they think would be suitable. We would like to see the development of agriculture, industry and services move forward together and encourage investment in all three. Our plan is to first expand and develop those areas of the economy which are already established. Our priorities for expansion and investment are:

  1. Agricultural comprehensive expansion and maize processing with new technology
  2. Development of resources and comprehensive utilization
  3. Energy resources construction
  4. Construction of basic facilities of transportation
  5. Technical modernization of present enterprises
  6. Importing of advanced technology
  7. Enlarging the range of products for export
  8. Basic facilities construction of the city
  9. Environmental and ecological protection
  10. Tourism development

Investment Forms

  1. Establishing joint ventures and cooperative business enterprises
  2. Establishing foreign funded enterprises outside Siping
  3. Processing with supplied materials, assembling with supplied parts and compensation trade
  4. Renting of enterprises and equipment
  5. Transfer of advanced and suitable technology
  6. Purchase of land use rights for development
  7. Providing short and long term low interest loans
  8. Economic and technical cooperation at home
  9. Other investment forms