> A Guide to Investment in Siping City

A Guide to Investment in Siping City

Siping MapSiping city is located in the Songliao Plain. It's bounded on the north by Changchun and on the south by Shenyang. It's in the center of the northeast area. It is conveniently located for transportation to and from any part of China.

Siping city is rich in grain, mineral and tourism resources.

In order to open further, the committee and government of Siping city have instituted a series of preferential policies to encourage investment. We are confident that "the spot for armies to fight for" in the past will be known in the future for its investment possibilities. We would like to extend a warm welcome to businessmen from home and abroad and encourage visits for sightseeing, touring, investing and developing together.

A Survey of Siping City

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Encouraging Friends to Invest in Siping City

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