> Siping Foreign Investment Service Center

Siping Foreign Investment Service Center

In order to promote Siping's economy, speed up reform and opening, establish joint ventures and foreign funded enterprises on a large scale, simplify procedures, reduce the enterprises' burden and promote business efficiency, the Foreign Investment Service Center of Siping Foreign Economic Cooperation Bureau will provide high-quality, efficient and comprehensive services for joint ventures and foreign funded enterprises. The scope of our services includes:
1. Introducing investment opportunities and partners for domestic customers and providing investment consultation services.
2. Drawing up, editing and revising project proposals, feasibility studies, contracts and articles of association for joint ventures, foreign funded enterprises and other economic & technical cooperative ventures.
3. Translating English, Japanese, Russian, Korean and German data.
4. Aiding in Chinese, English, Japanese, Russian and Korean typing, duplication and faxing.
5. Providing business services, entertainment and tourism and interpreters and business partners for foreigners.
6. Providing other services as requested by foreign-invested enterprises.
7. Providing business training in foreign economy & trade and foreign languages for the employees in joint ventures or fore