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Beijing Economic - Technological Development Area

beijing economic technological development areaObjectives:
Inviting Outside Investment, Seeking Industrial Cooperation Partners
Brief Introduction:

The Beijing economic-technological Development Area (BDA) is located in Yizhuang with the Jingjintang Expressway nearby on its east, with the Jingjin Intercity Expressway and the Fifth Ring Road (about 100 kilometres) in the north and the Sixth Ring Road (about 200 kilometres) in the south. An expressway links the development area with the Third Ring and Forth Ring roads.

The DBA is 3.5 kilomertres from the urban Fourth Ring Road, 7kilometres(km) from the Third Ring Road, 16.5 km from Tian'anmen Square,25 km from Capital International Airport,7 km from the Railway Freight Statiom,5km from the Road Freight Station,1 km from the international Logistics Centre ,140 km from Tianjin New Port.Yizhuang Urban Railway: Serves the BDA

The under planning Yizhuang Light Rail line crosses the Beijing Economic-Technological Development Area .The 23-kilometre-long Yizhuang Light Rail ling server the entire BDA and is linked to the Beijing subway's No.5 line on its north and terminates at the Songjiazhuang Station in the south. The light-rail line has a stop at the Jingjin Intercity Expressway, which will make transportation convenient.

Expressways: 15,000 Kilomertres in Length
China's capital, Beijing, has the country's densest expressway network. There are three main roads leading to urban Beijing form the BDA.
Water Carriage:140 Kilometres from North China's Largest Port

Tianjin port is North China's largest comprehensive international trade port and is connected with more than 300 ports of 170 countries and regions. It has China's second largest container port whose capacity reached 1million containers each year. The port is accessible via the Jingjintang Expressway.
Aviation: 25 Kilomertres from Capital International Airport

The BDA is 25 kilometres from Capital International Airport if using the Fifth Ring Road. Beijing's convenient aviation links Beijing with nearly 100 domestic large cities and nearly 60 metropolises in 36 countries and regions via more than 70 international flights.
Railways: Easy Access to the Heart of China's Railway Network

Road access to Beijing's railway stations is excellent. People can easily get from the BDA to Beijing Railway Station, Beijing West Railway Station, Beijing South Railway Station or Beijing North Railway Station, Beijing is the heart of China's railway transportation network. Railways are the most importation transportation means in China, thus enhancing BDA's advantage in logistics.