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BeiJing Tianzhu Airport Industrial Zone

beijing tianzhu airport industrial zoneObjectives:
Inviting Outside Investment, Seeking Industrial Cooperation Partners
Brief Introduction:

Beijing Airport Industrial Zone is located 1km west to the Capital International Airport, the center of the new Airport City with a population of 200,000. 101National Highway runs across it from south to north dividing the Zone into Area A and Area B. It only takes 5 minutes drive to get to the Airport. It is 20km from Beijing Railway Station and 30km from Beijing West Railway Station. The Zone is 15km from Beijing Cargo Railway Station, Shunyi Cargo Railway Station and Zhangxin Cargo Railway Station. It takes 90 minutes drive to Tianjing New Sea Port.

Beijing Airport Industrial Zone was founded in 1994, with a planned area of 6.6km2 and 1km west to the Capital International Airport . After near 10 years' development and construction, a modern high-tech Zone has been formed with IT and modern logistics as the major industries, featured by foreign-oriented economy and based on high-tech enterprises. Up-to-now, there are 284 foreign and domestic enterprises from 18 countries and regions have entered the Zone with a total investment of 2.4 billion USD. The number of trans-national companies in the Zone is 60 such as Japan Sony, JVC, Panasonics, SMC, Printing Company; Sweden Ericsson , Electrolux, American United Technology, Fedex, French Airbus, Alston, German Rosenberg, Holland Philips, Korean LG etc.

Characteristic service
Perfect, Fast, Good quality, High-efficient Service

Perfection: There are perfect service agencies in BAIZ. Being the dispatched division of the Government, the Administration Committee of Zone acts, on behalf of the Government, to carry the administrative management on the Zone. Within the "one Station Service Center" of the Zone, there are the departments and branches such as planning bureau., land bureau, construction bureau, urban public engineering bureau, labor bureau, environmental bureau, commercial and industrial bureau, Custom office, fiscal bureau, taxation bureau, police station, bank, telecommunication office, public facilities offices etc, providing all the services for the clients from the entrance into the Zone to the operation and production.

Fast: "One Door Service " department under the Administration Committee are located just in the protruding position of the Blue Sky Mansion where all the formalities and can be left to "one door" Department.

Good quality: In addition to the sound infra-structures, the Zone tries its best to educate its employees with the conception of customer is the God and service decides everything. All the sections and affiliates regard the service to the enterprises as the most important task of themselves by introducing a completely new idea of the enterprises are masters of the Zone into all the employees of the Zone to strengthen the service concept. Starting from 1998, a system of assessing the works done by the department by scores has already been established, Through the operation of such system, the problems can be found out. At present, each department of the Zone is practicing a system of promise that within the specified time, the work will be completed both in high standard and high quality.

High efficiency: The Zone has the advantages of structural system with the project approving power of Municipal level and the administrative power of District level. For the foreign investment below 30 million USD and the domestic investment within 200 million yuan RMB, all the formalities can be finished once in the Zone including project setting, approval of contract articles, issuance of business license, approval of construction plan, commencement and completion of works, check before acceptance, issuance of land use certificate and property certificate of house.