Canton Fair 2005

      Fair Date And Product Index

The Chinese Export Commodities Fair (Canton Fair) 
Spring Fair 2007 (101st Session)
Phase I : Apr. 15 - 20 
Phase II :Apr. 25 - 30 
Opening Hours: 9:30 - 18:00 
Opening Hours: 9:30 - 18:00 
5 Categories and 18 Exhibit
2 Categories and 17 Exhibit

Sections Exhibit Categories:

CECF Pazhou Complex

Industrial Products

1. Household Electrical Appliances
Small Electrical Appliances, Refrigerators, Washers, Air Conditioners, Refrigerated Cabinets, Water Heaters

2. Electronics, IT Products
Audio-video & Audio-visual Products, IT Products, Communication Products , Business Automation Equipment, Electronic Security Equipment, Electronic & Electrical Products , Electronic Apparatus, Electrical Apparatus, Computer, Computer Peripheral Equipment, Computer Network Equipment, Computer Software

3. Lamps, Light Fixtures
Wall Lamps, Ceiling Lights, Floor Lamps, Table Lamps, Bulbs

4. Tools
Measures, Blades, Grinders, Electric Tools, Hand Tools, Farm Implements

5. Machinery and Equipment
Apparatus, Instruments and Meters, Photo Supplies, Printing and Plate-making Apparatus, Film Apparatus, Power and Electromechanical Equipment, Machine Tools and Accessories, Sewing Machines and Parts, Large-scale Machinery and Equipment

6. Small Vehicles, Spare Parts
Vehicle Spare Parts, Bicycles, Motorcycles, Parts

7. Hardware
Metal Products, Hardware, Foundry Goods and Forged Pieces

8. Building Materials
Building Materials, Building Ceramics, Doors and Windows, Sanitary and Bath Equipments

9. Chemical Products, Mineral Products
Chemical Products: Chemical Raw Materials, Dyestuff, Dye Medium, Pigment, Oil-paints, Printing-ink, Plastic Raw Materials, Fertilizer, Pesticide, Explosives, Pyrotechnic Products, Matches, Pyrophoric Alloys, Certain Combustible Preparations, Chemical Reagent, Rubber & Rubber Products Minerals Products: Metallurgical Products & Non-ferrous Metals: Ferrous Metals, Ferrous Metal Minerals, Non-ferrous Metal Minerals , Non- metal Minerals, Cement and Products

10. Vehicles, Construction Machinery (Out -door Area)
Load-carrying Vehicles, Buses, Dune-buggies, Trolley Buses and Equipment, Other Vehicles, Civil-construction Engineering Machinery, Auto-lifts, Pedrail-lifts, Farming and Forestry Machinery

CECF Liuhua Complex

Textiles and Garments

1. Garments
Casual Wear & City Wear, High Fashion & Occasional Wear, Lingerie , Sportswear, Specialty, Fashion Accessories, Garments Accessories, Other Garments, Garment Fabrics

2. Household Textiles
Bed Linens, Table Linens, Decorative Fabrics, Towels, Curtains, Flags, Tassels

3. Carpets
Hand-made Carpets, Machine-made Carpets, Knitted Carpets, Hand-embroidered Carpets, Velvet Carpets, Decoration Tapestries and Other Carpets

4. Raw Textile
Batiste Silk, Cotton Yarn, Flax Yarn, Wool Yarn, Chemical Fiber Yarn & Cloth

5. Artex
Embroidered Products, Artex Clothing, Prints, Raw Artex, Other Artex

6. Furs, Leathers, Downs, Down Products
Furs and Fur Products, Leathers and Leather Products, Downs and Down Products

7. Footware, Headgear
Footwear, Headgear

8. Medicines, Health Products, Hospital Equipment
Traditional Chinese Medicines: Dried Medical Herbs, Chinese Patent Medicines, Chinese Medicinal Wine
Western Medicines: Pharmaceuticals, Western Patent Medicines
Pesticide and Veterinary Medicines
Medical Instruments and Dressings
Health-care and Beauty Products

Sections Exhibit Categories:

CECF Pazhou Complex

Consumer Goods

1. Articles of Daily Use
Cleaning & Supplies, Bathroom Accessories, Personal Care Items, General Houseware Items

2. Native Produce, Animal By-Products
Fodder, Natural Essence & Essential Oil, Industrial Material of Native Produce, Sundries,Animal By-Products, Wood, Seeds, Breeding Stock, Raw Wax, Candles

3. Furniture
Domestic Furniture, Hotel & Restaurant Furniture, Office Furniture, Medical Furniture, Outdoor Furniture, Public Furniture, Furniture Accessories, Semi-manufactured Furniture, Other Furniture

4. Ceramics
General Ceramics, Tableware & Kitchenware Ceramics, Horticultural & Gardening Ceramics, Art Ceramics, Resin Ceramics, Other Ceramics

5. Houseware, Kitchenware, Tableware
Houseware, Table Accessories & Decorative Items: Tableware, Silverware, Table Candles, Table Decorative Items
Kitchenware: Bowls, Dishes, Cases, Cookware, Kitchen & Professional Knives, Houseware & Kitchenware

6. Foodstuff, Tea
Foodstuff & Tea

7. Cases, Bags
Cases of Daily Use,Brief Cases,Bags,Other Cases and Bags and Accessories

8. Stone and Iron Products (Outdoor Area)
Stone Carvings, Stones, Large Iron Products

CECF Liuhua Complex


1. Gifts
Advertising Gifts, General Gifts, Art Gifts, Gift Packing Items, Calendars, Greeting Cards, Handicrafts, Jewellery, Ornaments, Bone and Jade Carvings

2. Decorations
Party Products, Window Decorations, Home Decorations, Festival Supplies, Other Decorations

3. Toys
Baby Toys, Vehicle Toys, Games-action, Educational Games & Toys, Plush & Cloth Toys, Riding Vehicles, Musical Toys, Inflatable Toys, Other Toys

4. Wickerwork Articles
Bulrush Curtain, Bulrush Products, Rush Products, Straw Products, Rattan Products, Willow Products, Bamboo Waving Products, other Wickerwork Articles, Wood Products, Bamboo Products

5. Sporting Goods, Tour Equipments, Casual Goods
Sporting Goods, Casual Goods, Musical Instruments, Chesses and Pokes, Sporting Souvenir, Tour Articles

6. Horticultural Products
Flowers and Seedlings, Dried Flowers, Bonsai, Pet Fishes and Pet Birds, Horticultural Tools and Outdoor Equipment, Horticultural Items, Plant Fittings, Flowerpots, Flower Trough, Horticultural Decorations, Artificial Flowers, Pesticide

7. Clocks, Watches, Optical Instruments
Clocks, Watches, Clock and Watch Spare Parts, Eyeglasses, Frames, Lenses, Accessories

8. Office Supplies
Pens, Writing Instruments, File Storage Products, Desk Items, Paper Products, Labels, General Stationery, Desk Decorations




The period of Apr. 21 to 24 is for the exhibition preparation of Phase II.

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