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ASM-Deng Xiaoping

I am proud to be a member of the Chinese nation

and to consider myself a citizen of the world.

As a son of the Chinese people, I dearly love my country

and my compatriots. -- Deng Xiaoping

(Quoted from the Deng Xiaoping Pictorial)

Deng Xiaoping Pictorial

This publication (including Korean, English, German, Japanese and Chinese editions) was the cooperative effort of New China News Agency, Communist Party Literature & Document Office of China and A.S.M. Importing publications from socialist countries was strictly prohibited in South Korea at that time. The successful introduction of the book to South Korea demonstrates our strength in acting as the bridge to and among Asian countries.


Following links will take you to over 70 pictures (average file size 40K) depicting various moments of Deng's life, his up's and down's on the political stage.

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