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Published annually since 1983, this publication was the first Chinese business directory in Southern California. During the past fourteen years, it expanded from a local Chinese Yellow Pages with only 10,000 circulation to a nationwide Chinese Yellow Pages reaching almost 500,000 circulation (1995). Particularly, it is the only YPPA (Yellow Pages Publisher Assoc.) member that publishes Chinese phone directories in California and many other States.

In 1993 and 1995 Chinese Yellow Pages was awarded the highest achievement award --Gold Award Winners--by the Yellow Pages Publisher's Association. The 1500-page 1993 edition represented over two million dollars in paid advertising revenue for the Southern California edition alone. At present there are 12 regional editions covering entire United States and part of Canada. Phone directory database for many regions in US is already available via the Internet .

Not just an ordinary telephone directory, the Chinese Yellow Pages is helping almost very single Chinese family and business in North America as an indispensable reference book and a buying guide.

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