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Looking for a reliable travel agency in China? Afraid that a China tour might look more like a burden than a pleasure trip? Are you worried that you might end up converting your Business trip to a Casual one because of dearth of information and professional guidance? You have come to the right place then!

We are an American company with over 25 years of rich experience in China Service. ASM Overseas was established in 1985. Since then, we have helped thousands of individuals and companies to achieve their China Entry needs.

ASM Service Line includes-
1) China Tour- Package Tour,Flight,Train,Bus,Car,Visa,Hotel
2) Trade Fair-Trade fair Info, Booking, Invitation Letter, Visa, Sourcing, Products Inspection
3) Expat Service-Everything Expats need to know about China and to live in China 4) Business Info-Publishing China Business Directory ,Government Relations, Legal Issues, Business Connections
5) Consulting -Research, Investment Banking, and all your China Entry related
Being the pioneer in the field of International Trading in China, we have helped several individuals and business entities to achieve their goals through meticulous arrangement in accordance with the Chinese Law.
Female Expatriates In China: How do Social Networks impact Assignment Success?

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109th China Import and Export Fair

China Import and Export Cair

Chinese Import & Export Fair is the biggest trade event in China. It pulls together all the country's top producers and suppliers under one roof. More than 7000 exhibitors participate in each phase of the show where visitors from all continents gather to discuss and negotiate the possibilities of expanding their business with the help of Chinese manufacturers and suppliers. The date for 109th China Import and Export Fair: Apr.15-19; 23-27, 2011; May. 1-5, 2011.

During this special event, we will propose numerous services to help you to form new partnerships. Invitation letter, insurance, bus transportation from HK International Airport to Guangzhou City, hotel accommodation, domestic air ticket, translations and interpretation services, assistance in your negotiation and discussion possibilities with prospect suppliers, and much much more. Contact us now or check out our website:
canton fair CD, name list The 109th Canton Fair Exhibitors Contact list Due to the growing amount of inquiries about the Canton Fair that we receive every day, we have decided to compile all the information available about the last session of Canton Fair on a CD-Rom.
Reserve a Room Now For 109th Canton Fair
CBW provides numerous services for the Canton Fair and the hundreds of other trade shows in China:
Please do not hesitate to look at our discounted hotel reservations;
Organizing special conferences and introductions; negotiation assistance; translation and more......

Business Opportunities in China

When China has joined WTO, the winner of the Olympic Games 2008 bids, and the World Expo 2010; alot of local companies and foreign companies are itchy to expand their business into China, which China has huge market share. Either they are looking for foreign business partners to expand their business operation in the Mainland, or the foreign companies are wanting to enter the China market....... More

Online Train Ticket

Domestic train ticket, you only allow to buy (disallow to book) the ticket 4 day early from your travel date. International train ticket, you only allow to buy (disallow to book) between 40 days from your travel date. More

Online Bus Ticket

We can deliver your bus ticket to your hotel in Hong Kong, please make sure to provide detailed information of hotel name, address and phone number where you will be staying. More

New Teaching Positions Available

This coming new semester, many job opportunities are available for English Native teachers. We have broadened our market to South China; our offering included Yunnan, Guangdong, even Taiwan and many cities all over China. If you are looking for a reliable school,and where you can work as an English Teacher and you are ready to stay for at least six months, please send your updated resume and a recent photo to us please click here! More

Do You Want to be an Intern in China?

Interested candidates please send your resume with subject, please click here!
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